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Solar Install Clare

Fitting of 6 Solar PV panels

This is a recent solar install in Clare. As you can see our client has quite a lot of roof space and in line with other projects wanted to build an new efficient energy system.

Our client received his solar estimate using our solar calculator. After his free assessment, it was clear the savings he could make within a few years. The added value to his house was a bonus.

This system is a 2kWp Solar PV system, facing south/South east , Generating 1740 Free units of electricity each year.

The solar system provides Free electricity, with excess electricity been diverted to hot water storage vessel.

The system is maintenance free to the client for the next 25 years due to Swyft Solar’s Extended parts and Labour warranty, on our marketing leading German SMA Inverter range.

Swyft Solar Pride themselves on providing high quality bespoke solar PV systems, that stand the test of time for our clients, Our extended parts and labour warranty insures the successful life cycle of the Solar PV system and our clients investments.

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