• Switch your business to clean, green, renewable energy.

    We take the hassle out of switching to clean, green, renewable energy from start to finish!

    Be smart when investing in the future of your business.

  • What Swyft Solar PV can do for you

    We're here to make switching your business to renewable energy as simple as possible.

    Reduce your operating Costs

    Energy produced from your Solar PV system will reduce your electricity bills. Your solar system will have a lifetime of 25+ years meaning the system will have paid for itself multiple times over.

    Future proof your energy bills

    When you install a Solar PV system you will no longer be dependent on energy providers and at risk of external electricity price fluctuations. You will also be protected against potential carbon taxes.



    Reduce your carbon footprint

    Installing a Solar PV system means you can now produce clean, green renewable energy. You will burn less fossil fuels and reduce your carbon emissions.

  • Why choose Swyft Energy?

    Join 1,000s of Happy Customers throughout Ireland.
    The Swyft Engineering department will design, manage and complete your Solar PV installation

    Commercial Solar PV Installations

    • Reliable & professional Solar PV installations.  
    • Dedicated point of contact on our engineering team before, during and after your installations 
    • We only install industry leading equipment with industry leading product and performance guarantees. 
    • Every Swyft commercial Solar installation comes with a minimum 2-year workmanship guarantee.  
    • Every Swyft commercial Solar installation comes a professionally made, branded video of your new system
    • We can offer Power Purchase Agreements where there is no upfront capital outlay required   
    • We make a donation to Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin for every solar system we install. 

    The best & most efficient systems in the market

    Solar PV & Battery storage is a long term investment and will be a part of your roof for the next 25+ years.


    Given the long term nature of solar, Swyft only install industry leading solar panels and batteries with performance & product guarantees of up-to 25 years.


    Installing industry leading equipment ensures that the return on your investment is protected in the long run!!

    Swyft Hapiness Gaurantee


    At Swyft your happiness is our goal. If you're not happy with any aspect of your Solar PV installation, we will work with you to make it right.


    All Swyft Solar customers receive a Happiness Guarantee. Given that Swyft are one of the largest retrofit companies in the country, you know you are in safe hands.

    Our People

    Swyft Energy have a dedicated commercial solar installation team made up of exceptional and passionate engineers.


    Our engineers and project teams are also on hand to answer any questions you may have before, during and after your installation.

    Power Purchase Agreements

    Swyft Energy offers a fully funded Solar PV solution in the form of a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA.


    This basically means Swyft Energy can install your Solar PV system with no upfront cost to your business.


    Instead of a traditional model where we would take payment upfront, your business will agree to purchase the electricity produced by your new Solar PV system at a predefined price for a pre-defined period.

    Swyft Energy will manage the entire process for you.

    Full end to end solution

    Swyft Energy offer commercial customers a full end to end service including

    • Initial consultation
    • Pre site surveys - load analysis, operational simulation, roof inspection & sign off 
    • Design - The Swyft Engineering Team will create a tailor made design to suit your needs 
    • Planning permission applications 
    • Project finance - Power Purchase Agreements
    • Dedicated point of contact in our engineering department before, during and after your project  
    • Full installation and commissioning
    • A professional branded video of your new Solar PV installation to showcase 
  • Project Process


    Swyft Energy enables you to streamline the process of installing clean
    energy in your home, farm or business.
    There are four steps to our commercial Solar PV installations:

    1 - Define

    - Onsite visit to understand day to day operations & energy demand.

    - Real time data is collected using monitoring system installed without disruption.

    - Map the clients Solar PV system performance over its lifetime based on 15 years of MET Eireann data & on site data.

    2 - Design

    - Map findings of monitoring system.

    - Certified roof inspection conducted by a registered structural engineer.

    - Determine final calculations and measurements.

    - Issue final designs with system layout, routes of services etc.

    - Issue program of works tailored to client’s operational profile.

    - Issue site-specific RAMS.

    3 - Install

    - We are a certified main contractor with the HSA, from design to site management.

    - We have all the skills in house, from design, tradesmen, site management to engineering so you can be assured that you are in goods hands right through the life cycle of the project.

    4 - Commission

    - System is tested and certified by a registered RECI contractor.

    - System is witness tested by the ESB ensuring compatibility with the grid.

    - Inverters carry out a complete self-diagnostic test to ensuring that all circuits are operating to full capacity.

    - Swyft Energy then provide full visibility of the system performance through desktop, tablet or phone.

    - Swyft will provide the client with a professionally made video to showcase the system.  

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